Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Long Time Since Updated

WOW! It has been an extremely long time since I have updated this! Today was Hayden's first day of 1st grade, at Parkview Primary! He loves it...he was so anxious for me to leave; yet, I just wanted to stay! He is getting so big, as is Carson! Carson is attending a new Preschool/Daycare; Where the Future Begins. He loves it as well. Much more comfortable this year! As a whole, we are doing well. I am working at Marquise Real Estate Group as the Property Manager for the company. It's awesome! So happy here. Of course, at first it was awkward with my mom working for Carpenters. I think, the awkwardness has vanished now that we both recognize that my company is much smaller and not really much of a competition. Over the summer the boys attended 3 Vacation Bible Schools' Hayden learned to ride his bike, spell Parkview and got to spend a lot of much needed time with family! Mike had them every other week during the summer and so he, as well as, his dad, patty, mom and grandma got to enjoy my Lil wonders of joy, as well. We went to the pool a lot, and the park...as well as Holiday World. Next weekend we're attending the Indians game with the WHOLE family! We're working on becoming financially stable and learning ways to save money. Hopefully this kicks in soon! LOL I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer; it's hard to believe it's almost over!!!!
God Bless;
Brandi Wykoff
Hayden and Carson Puckett

Friday, December 31, 2010

It has been a couple of months since I have done this. Sorry.
Holiday season is always stressful around my house....as I'm sure the same goes for you.
In November, Hayden got Student of the Month. I was soooooo proud of him...and he was his proud of his self too!! He got to go eat at Mr. Gatti's with Mr. Ray (his principle). Carson got an extremely good progress report. He is doing remarkably better than before he began attending Calvary Lutheran. My schooling is going remarkably well...the semester ended 12-15-10, I got an "A" in both English and Psychology...I'm very excited!!! Next semester will be a struggle. I have 2 online classes and ADVANCED ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY (yuck!!!!!!!!!!! this is the toughest class (atleast the 1'st one was...SO wish me luck:))
Thanksgiving came around and I was very Thankful to have the boys with me this year! I picked the boys up from daycare one day and their instructor asked them what the biggest smile on my face..Carson just said, "uh uh uh toys" lol (that's my boy).
Since Thanksgiving all I have heard about is Christmas! haha as all kids do. So, we got our tree and presents began to appear...By Christmas night...they were exhausted with the word Christmas. They went to My parent's, Mikes, Sara's parents, Mike's Dads and Pattys, and my house!!!!!! That's 5 Christmas'!!!! They think they are pretty special kids to 5 Christmas'. Still, when they go back to school Monday, January 3rd, Hayden will still have his Christmas Party there...which of course I am in charge of!.
I'm very grateful we had the Christmas we did. Luckily a lot or their presents were bought in October and November (from me), because first of December, I got laid off....gotta love the construction business huh! Though I may be able to go back in the spring, I'm still searching to better the lives of my children and myself.
On the sports end...Hayden is playing basketball for the boys club. He's not great yet, but he had never touched a basketball until it started! so hopefully by next year he will be a star:)
Carson's Birthday is January 31st, and I will probably be having his party Sat (30th) or Sun (31). I will let everyone know in the next week or two! My baby is going to be 4 years Old!
Overall, the last couple months have been extremely hectic..but through it all my kids and I are loving our life and wouldn't have it any other way:)

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Past Month

So, this is the last post for a while...i think i finally figured out how this thing works.
So the last month or so has been quite eventful...
Hayden recently started Kindergarten and ABSOLUTELY loves it...who woulda thought!  He always talks about a boy named Luke in his class, being his best friend.  He did really well on his Progress Report (except "talks") ...haha that's what my mom said mine always said...hmmmmm
I am the "Head Class Mom" (sounds important huh)...well actually basically im just in charge of the Halloween and Valentines Day Party (I'll take the fancy name though haha).
Hayden can now write his whole name...wrte the colors and spell some words!  I'm so proud; but yet am starting to feel old!
Carson started preschool at Calvary Lutheran in September...he is really excited about going to "school" on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 
The boys don't like being apart from eachother...so when they are...its nice they're both at "school" and can tell stories of their day to eachother.  LOL I don't recall my sister and I having separation issues....
I started my new job at the beginning of August, at Tri-County Builders.  I love it!  One of my bosses, I actually grew up with.  It's a very laid back place to work and I work with great people; can't ask for much better.
I, of course, had yet another weird sickness.  A few weeks ago they found out that I had a bad colon infection and a blood clot and thought I was going to have to have (as Paster Eric referred to it as) my umphteenth surgery.  Luckily all the 10 million medications they put me on worked...and for now....no surgery.  Also at this appointment, I learned that I finally lost 9 of the 23 pounds I gained following my hysterectomy! So 14 more to go!!! Salads and NASTY ole Diet Coke :) haha
Also, I started back to school myself....which is EXTREMELY stressful...with work, kids, their school (S), soccer practices, soccer games, pictures, just everything.  But I'm doing very well so far...hopefully it stays that way...Maybe soon the rest of the aspects of our daily life will calm down a little bit :) But...if it was too much different, I don't know what I'd do...Yeah, my life is very hectic, but I absolutely love it!
Thats really all of the kind of exciting news in our lives in about the past month....
Hope we didn't bore you too much!  Check back periodically for more updates:)
Love and Miss you all
Brandi, Hayden and Carson
Below are several pictures...most from our yearly trip to Pigeon Forge, TN.  Also, there are a couple of Carson's proofs for his preschool pictures!  They turned out excellent!
Oh...and notice Jonathon's face, on the sauce and salsa pictures, is far worse than mine!  I took it better than him!!!!  Ha!  And I wonder why I don't have a Gallbladder and why I get weird things, like colon infections!
Oh well!  I like the food :)
Hope you enjoy the pics!  If you have any you would like me to post, send 'em to me!

New To This

Well, we're going to try this out!  It's a new adventure, but with families in different parts of Indiana
I figured this would be a more simplified way of allowing everyone to be a part of our lives, than
calling everybody everytime something happens.
So, if you have any suggestions or anything for our page...comment or send me an email and let me
Hope you enjoy!  Let the adventure begin!